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von Braun

Over 12,000 sold!  DVD movie "QUEST for SPACE" from Scientists and Friends. The true story of the conquest of space flight and who did what. Introduction by Niel Armstrong, interviews of Dr. Wernher von Braun, Helmut Gröttrup, Lieutenant General Dr. Walter Dornberger, Dr. Kurt Debus, Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger. Shows Apollo launch, Yuri Gagarin, Vostok 1, Sputnik, Explorer,  landing on Moon, V-2s at  Peenemünde and much more. We guarantee that you will enjoy this film which gives credit were credit is due.  80 minutes.   Price $6.00

Letters to Scientists and Friends,
Thanks you so much for the wonderful DVD, QUEST FOR SPACE, the you produced. Everyone that sees it, loves it. It is a thrill to go back to see the contributions of the Germans to the space program. Roger

The CD "Quest for Space" is well produced and absolutely fascinating. It is fitting that the German aerospace pioneers both in America and in the former
Soviet Union finally be properly recognized. You are performing a great service, not only for the history of technology, but also to many deserving individuals!

Congratulations on the DVD. Michael Moore eat your heart out! That was a fabulous documentary that you put together. Leila and I watched it twice. I enjoyed the intro by Neal Armstrong. We went to graduate school together at Edwards in 1962 to 1965. He was a test pilot at that time.

Thanks for making the "Quest for Space" DVD!!! Watched it last eve and it is inspiring.  My father came to the US from Hungary in '56, so we know how lucky the states are to have all this brainpower flowing in!!
D. Molnar

I finally had an opportunity to watch Quest for Space undisturbed last night and I really enjoyed it.  In comparison to the years we had teams working with the German scientists, neither Russia nor the United States has progressed much.  Russia is sending up newer versions of the same German designed rockets, while the US Space Shuttle was already on the drawing board when Warner Van Braun retired.  In my humble opinion, the sooner we get NASA and the federal government out of the space launch business, the better off we'll all be.
T. Wiley
Not enough credit can be given to the von Braun Rocket TEAM for their contributions to space travel and rocketry. However, much credit goes to the American citizens whose tax dollars paid for these achievements and to such leaders as, President John F. Kennedy, for making the commitment to accomplish these scientific achievements. The von Braun Rocket TEAM contributions include:
  • Redstone - 1st US ballistic missile
  • Design of the Pershing missile
  • Juno - 1st US satellite launch
  • Explorer 1 - 1st US satellite
  • Pioneer 4 - 1st US lunar probe
  • Apollo 8 - 1st US astronaut (Alan Shepard) in space
  • Apollo 11 - 1st man on Moon
  • Lunar Roving Vehicle - 1st vehicle to travel on Moon
  • Skylab - 1st US space station
von Braun von Braun von Braun
von Braun   Members of the von Braun team reveal their Explorer Satellite in 1957. Standing left to right; Dr. William Mrazek, Dr. Walter Haeussermann and Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger. Seated; Dr. Eberhard Rees, General Medaris and Dr.Wernher von Braun.1
von Braun   Saturn V, Apollo 11 lifting off at Kennedy Space Center. 1969.

On the 16th of July 1969, Apollo 11 lifted off with Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Ed Aldrin. Destination: Moon.

The Apollo 11 take off and first steps on Moon
von Braun   On the 19th of  July 1969, man landed on the Moon, Neil Armstrong said, "The Eagle has landed."  Then on the 20th of  July, Armstrong got out of the Lunar Module and said, "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."  History was made, the world rejoiced and man would never forget these words.

Wernher von Braun said that the Moon is only the stepping stone to Mars. However, it will be centuries before man will dare to make this trip. Von Braun wrote in his book "The Mars Project" we had the technology to go to Mars in 1948. But do we have the daring or the technology now? Only time will tell!
von Braunvon Braun   The Von Braun Rocket team was well honed when they came to the US in 1946. They had worked together at Peenemünde, Germany for 15 years prior, developing the A 4 rocket. On the right are pictures of the A 4 (V 2) rockets. The story of the first successful launch of the V 2 on 3 October 1943 can be downloaded by clicking here.1
 The German engineer behind the Saturn V rocket program which boosted man to the Moon was Dr. Arthur Rudolph, who came to the US with the von Braun Rocket Team under "Operation Paperclip." This was the most complex engineering, manufacturing, and management task in history.2

  Arthur Rudolph's life story was documented by Marsha Freeman and can be downloaded by clicking here.5
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