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  Born to low income Jewish parents, Gerhard Neumann was born in  Berlin, Germany. He graduate in 1933 as a mechanical engineer and learned much of his trade as a car mechanic apprentice. In 1938, Neumann flew to China to service German-built engines and was recruited by General Claire Chenault. He was put in charge of maintenance for all P-40's for the famous Flying Tigers. After the war, in 1948, he came to the United States and was made a US citizen by a special act of Congress.

He was hired by General Electric worked his way up to become the CEO in charge of 31,000 people. He, with his team of US engineers and German engineers who came to GE after the war, designed all of GE's gas turbine engines. He put GE on the map.1
  "Full Speed or Bust" was the motto Neumann used to test the GOL-1590 jet engine which used advanced technology from stem to stern in 1953.1
  As CEO of General Electric, Gerhard Neumann was responsible for the development of all gas turbine engines, including all engines used on supersonic-jet fighters and bombers and the "high-bypass" engines (shown above) used on all modern transports.1
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