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We are proud to publish the following books about the Paperclip and other Scientists that are not found in the mainstream media.
HUNTSVILLE and the Von Braun Rocket Team. THE REAL STORY by Placide D. Nicaise
Many books have been written about von Braun but none tell of the jubilation of the citizens of Huntsville when the von Braun team successfully landed and recovered man from the moon. This celebration was shared world-wide. On the other hand, this book also tells how poorly NASA treats their scientists after this unbelievable feat. This is the human side of the story. Humorous and exceptionally well written by an insider who worked with the "Rocket Team" for over 34 years and is willing to tell it like it was and still is. A must read. See web-site: for a down-load-able version. PRICE $9.95

HERBERT WAGNER by Monica Wagner-Fiedler
Dr. Herbert A. Wagner dedicated his life to engineering science in academic, industry, and government, especially in the area of aircraft technology and guided missiles. This book presents a lively picture of his professional career as well as personal impressions and reminiscences of colleagues, students, and friends.
Herbert A. Wagner with his motto "work and live", he attacked hard problems wherever he found them and achieved "firsts" and outstanding contributions in a multitude of disciplines in science and technology:

  • Propulsion: invented the axial compressor jet-engine.

  • Structures: lightweight aircraft structures-"web" design.
  • Hydrodynamics: landing impact, gliding on water surface
  • Aerodynamics: non-steady lift development.
  • Missile and Aircraft designs: industrial leadership and consulting.
  • Guidance and Control: systems and engineering.
  • Testing and Simulation: industrial and military problems.
    A must read for every aviator and engineer.
    PRICE $10.00
THE ROCKET TEAM (The original book) by Fred I. Ordway III/Mitchell Sharpe.
Traveling to the Moon and the planets beyond has moved from the minds of dreamers to every day fact. "The Rocket Team" tells the story of the men who gave so much to make the impossible happen.
From a small group led by Wernher von Braun, his rocket team grew into one of the most influential technological forces in this or any other century. Starting in the early 1930s with rockets whose flights were measured in feet (when they got off the ground at all), within two dozen years the von Braun team added a new dimension to warfare with the 200-mile-range V-2 bombardment missile. After World War II, the same team created the first long-range ballistic missiles for the U. S.; they developed the Explorer rocket that resulted in the first American satellite to orbit the Earth. And within the decade they developed and built the huge 363-foot-tall Saturn rocket that fulfilled von Braun's life-long dream of sending man to the Moon. The Rocket Team is the only complete, authoritative history of the von Braun group. It is a fascinating account of how the future of rockets began and of science and space technology. PRICE $39.00
PROJECT PAPERCLIP by Clarence G. Lasby
How 642 German scientist were initially brought to the US in 1945-1948 after WWII. Before 1954 a total of 3,500 came to the US and 20,000 scientists were brought to Russia. How they contributed in development of the aerospace and defense industry during the cold war period. Project Paperclip reached one fulfillment when von Braun and his rocket team placed in orbit the first American satellite, Explorer I.  A fantastic story of how modern jets, jet engines and rockets were developed. PRICE $10.00

WERNER VON BRAUN: CRUSADER FOR SPACE -Combined Edition- by Ernst Stuhlinger & Fred Ordway III. 1996. 540 pgs with many b & w and color pictures. $63.00 A complete history of the Saturn V rocket and lunar landing and much, much more. A great historic book. Call 1-800-724-0025.

LIFE BETWEEN FRONTS by Ferdinand Brandner. The amazing biography of Brandner who, with his German team from Junkers and BMW designed and built the 12,000 shp Russian NK-12M turbo prop engines for the Tuplev Tu-95 and Tu-144 in 1953. Brandner tells of his life and work in Russia from after he was taken prisoner in 1945 to when he returned to the freedom of the West in 1953. 15 pages with 17 pictures. PRICE $4.00
Tells how helicopters are designed. This book includes many diagrams on rotor heads and control systems and design specifications. Includes a reprint of British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Overall Report No. 8, Rotating Wing Activities in Germany During the Period 1939-1945. A copy of the Fifth Cierva Memorial Lecture given by Prof. Focke in England in 1964 is presented. And finally the Fllettner design is detailed. Learn the design details of the Fw 61, Fa 223 (the first heavy lift helicopter to be put into production), Fa 330, Flettner 282, Doblhoff, Hafner, Baumgartl, and others including the first tilt prop aircraft. A must for all helicopter designers and pilots. PRICE $29.00
HANNA REITSCH, Flying-My Life by Hanna Reitsch
The story of the worlds most extraordinary test pilot. Personal test flight stories of such aircraft as the Me163 "Rocket Aircraft" in which Hanna climbs to 30,000 ft. in 90 seconds and it almost cost her, her life. She flys the V-1 "Buzz Bomb" and many others. Fly a sailplane into a thundercloud and climb 100 mph to 10,500 feet and have the aircraft and controls lock up from icing. By the grace of God, she survives. Land with Hanna in a sailplane in the middle of a football game in South America. The landing was easy, but the crowd was not. Fly a sailplane a distance of 100 miles over the Swiss Alps with Hanna. This is a story of a darling and daring little woman (she is only 5 ft. 1 inches tall) who sets world records in sailplanes, aircraft, and in the world's first helicopter. You will learn more about flying, aviation, and the spirit of flying from this book than any other book that you have or will read. Once you start reading you cannot put it down.  PRICE $10.00
HOW WE GOT TO THE MOON, The Story of the German Space Pioneers by Marsha Freeman
Exceptionally well written with much information about the Von Braun Rocket Team and its scientists. Also a great book on Krafft Ehricke and Arthur Rudolph and what really happened. This is a must read for anyone interested in space history. 363 pages with many many pictures. 21st Century Science Association. Washington, D.C. Paperback. 1-800-724-0025
TELEVISION-RADIO, Sending and Receiving  by Erich Schwandt
Learn how television works and how it was developed. Although this book was first published in Germany in 1935, the technology has not changed. Translated into English in 2005. A must for all TV historians.  PRICE $6.00
Gerhard Neumann, HERMAN THE GERMAN
A native of  Berlin, Germany, and a graduate mechanical engineer, Neumann flew to China to service German-built engines, and arrived in Hong Kong precisely at the beginning of World War II.  This mechanical genius, a "no-nonsense, dirty-fingernails" guy, was recruited by General Claire Chennault, and Herman the German became a legend to the pilots and mechanics of the already legendary Flying Tigers.  Subsequently, because he had learned to speak some Chinese, he was borrowed from the Army Air Corps by General "Wild Bill" Donovan of the OSS for dangerous technical missions.  After the war, Donovan arranged for his entry into the United States and helped him obtain U.S. citizenship by a special act of Congress.
Gerhard Neumann tells his incredible story with humor and beguiling modesty. Of special interest are his theories on management, and labor relations developed during his thirty-one years as CEO of General Electric.
The title is terrible and not the idea of Neumann but his publisher. Available from Scientists and Friends.
DVDs on the History of Aviation and Science, NTSC or PAL Format. $6 each. Call 831-621-8760 to order.
o   AIRCRAFT DESIGNS-30 Years. 30 minutes.
Story of Martin Hollmann, designing model airplanes, building hot rods, surfing and designing, building and flying airplanes. Free!
o   THE FIRST JETS, 1 hour. Movies of He178, He280, Me 262, G.40, Ju 287, EF-131, EF-150, F-86 Saber, B-17, B747, Jumo 004, BMW 003, NK-12, GE gas turbine engine development.
o ROTARY WINGS, 1 hour.
Movies of Ciervas first flights, C-31, Pa-36, Focke Fa 61, Fa 223, Fa 330, Flettner Fl 282, Rotordyne, Rotachute, Bensen, Air & Space 18A, Avian, McCulloch J-2, Hollmann's Sportster and Bumble Bee and IGA, John Bond, Barnett J-3 and SparrowHawk gyros. 
Design, performance and combat history comparison of Bf 109 to Spitfire and P-51 Mustang.
o HUGO JUNKERS, History of the first airliners in 1919, 20 minutes.
Movies of the world's first commercial all aluminum airliner, the F-13. W-33, crossing the Atlantic by Lindberg and a couple of weeks later, in the difficult direction, by a Junkers W-33, Ford Tri-Motor and much more.
o QUEST FOR SPACE, How we got to the moon!
The story of the von Braun Rocket team starting at Peenemuende, Huntsville, Mercury, Apollo, Saturn and landing on the moon with Neil Armstrong.
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